Natalia Nowack

Wilhelm Wundt, seine Schüler und die Geschichte der Musikforschung

The experiments carried out in Wundt’s Psychological Institute seem to be an unjustly unprocessed amount of sources. Wundt pursued the goal of proving the measurability of sensation intensities and determining the key parameters for various senses in his laboratory first. Furthermore, research on emotions and consciousness was carried out. Some experiments contributed to the findings of acoustics (measurements of sound intensity), the others to the psychoacoustics (pitch perception). Among the important contributions are developments of new methods (method of readjustment), observations of new psychophysical phenomena (phantom sound source) and physiological measurements with perceiving musical elements and even musical events in their entirety. The beginnings of psychophysics were thus strongly dominated by Tonpsychologie.

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URN · urn:nbn:de:101:1-2023021311111456924765

Publikationsort · Schott Campus, Mainz 2023

Zitation · Natalia Nowack: Wilhelm Wundt, seine Schüler und die Geschichte der Musikforschung, Mainz 2023 [Schott Campus, urn:nbn:de:101:1-2023021311111456924765].