Martin Pfleiderer, Klaus Frieler, Jakob Abeßer, Wolf-Georg Zaddach, Benjamin Burkhart (Eds.)

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The Jazzomat Research Project takes up the challenge of jazz research in the age of digitalisation.

Martin Pfleiderer, Wolf-Georg Zaddach, Klaus Frieler

Pitch class hierarchies in Miles Davis’ »So What«: Reconsidering modal jazz improvisation with computer-based analysis tools

Beitrag zur Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Musikforschung Halle/Saale 2015 – »Musikwissenschaft: die Teildisziplinen im Dialog«

In this paper, we investigated pitch class hierarchies in modal jazz improvisation within a case study of the solos and bass lines of »So What«. We were able to show that the tones played by Davis, Coltrane, and Adderley, as well as by Chambers, could be described as pitch class hierarchies …